Knowing what to pack for a Disney vacation can be both exciting and important to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable trip. Here’s a packing list to help you prepare:

Walt Disney World - Cinderella Castle at Night

1. Essential Documents:

  • Tickets, reservations, and MagicBands (if applicable)
  • ID, passports, and travel insurance information
  • Hotel reservation confirmation

2. Clothing:

  • Weather-appropriate clothing (check the forecast)
  • Comfortable walking shoes (essential for all the walking)
  • Extra socks and underwear
  • Swimwear if you plan to visit a water park or your hotel has a pool
  • Rain ponchos or jackets (in case of rain)
  • Sweaters or light jackets for cooler evenings

3. Disney Attire:

  • Disney-themed clothing or accessories (if you like to dress up)
  • Mickey ears or hats

4. Park Essentials:

  • Backpack or day bag to carry essentials
  • Refillable water bottles (stay hydrated)
  • Snacks (for energy and to save on food costs)
  • Sunscreen and lip balm with SPF
  • Sunglasses and a hat for sun protection
  • Hand sanitizer and wet wipes
  • Portable phone charger and charging cables

5. Technology:

  • Smartphone with Disney apps (My Disney Experience, mobile food ordering)
  • Camera or smartphone for photos
  • Power bank for recharging devices
  • Adapters/chargers for all your electronic devices

6. Personal Items:

  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)
  • Prescription medications and a basic first aid kit
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Glasses/contacts and supplies
  • Travel-sized laundry detergent (if needed)

7. Entertainment:

  • Books, magazines, or e-readers
  • Playing cards or travel games

8. Disney Autograph Book and Pen:

  • If you or your children want to collect character autographs

9. Miscellaneous:

  • Travel pillow and eye mask for comfortable sleep during travel
  • Ziplock bags (for storing snacks, wet clothes, or keeping things organized)
  • Luggage locks for security
  • Reusable shopping bags for souvenirs

10. Money and Payment Methods:

Cash, credit/debit cards, and any Disney gift cards you plan to use

11. Disney Themed Items:

Autograph book for character signatures – Glow sticks or light-up toys for nighttime parades and shows

12. Clothing and Accessories for Special Events:

If you plan to attend any special events like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, consider costumes or themed clothing.

Remember to customize this list based on your specific needs and the season you’ll be visiting. Be sure to check Disney’s official website or contact them for any specific guidelines or requirements, especially considering any updated health and safety measures in place at the time of your visit.

For questions about your Disney Vacation or to plan your Disney trip contact us and we get your personalized itinerary built to your needs.