Travel Tip - Carry On Essentials

Packing a carry-on bag efficiently can make your travel experience smoother and more comfortable. Here’s a comprehensive list of essential items to consider packing in your carry-on bag:

Travel documents:
Boarding pass/tickets
Visa (if required)
Travel itinerary
Any necessary medical or vaccination documents

Phone and charger
Portable charger/power bank
E-book reader (if you enjoy reading)
Travel adapter (if traveling internationally)

Personal essentials:
Wallet with cash and cards
Prescription medications
Glasses/contact lenses and solution
Toiletries (consider travel-sized containers):
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Travel-sized shampoo and conditioner
Face wipes or cleansing cloths
Lip balm
Hand sanitizer
Facial tissues or travel-sized toilet paper
Feminine hygiene products (if needed)

Comfort items:
Travel pillow
Eye mask
Earplugs or noise-canceling headphones
Light blanket or shawl
Compression socks (especially for long flights)
Snacks (non-perishable and compliant with airline regulations)

Puzzle books or playing cards
Downloaded movies/shows for offline viewing
Headphones for in-flight entertainment systems

Expensive electronics (if not packed in your checked baggage)

Extra clothing:
A change of clothes (in case of spills or accidents)
Extra underwear and socks
Light jacket or sweater (planes can get chilly)

Important files and backups:
Photocopies of important documents
Digital backups of important files (stored securely in the cloud)

Reusable water bottle (empty before security, refill after)
Hydrating facial mist (if desired)

Remember to check the airline’s carry-on size and weight restrictions to ensure your bag meets the guidelines. Additionally, it’s wise to review the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines for liquids, gels, and other restricted items to avoid any issues during security checks.